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Let’s talk about Ticking Clocks

Today the new trailer arrived for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming war historical film, DUNKIRK, and it gives us an excellent opportunity to talk about the use of the ticking clock motif in trailers.  Check out the video below and then keep scrolling for the analysis.

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Trailer of Steel

This, friends, is how you properly tell me a lot about a movie without spoiling it.   The lack of spoken word is brilliantly handled (exactly like I called back on the Dark Knight Rises trailer).  It creates a distance between what I am seeing and what I am hearing, and wonderfully solves the problem of the trailer literally telling me what the movie will be about.  This trailer highlights that which it wants you to see:  the acting (which looks phenomenal so far), the Zac Snyder-tastic cinematography (:)), the epicness brought about by having the most popular producer in the world right now, and the new take on a VERY well trodden Origin Story.  Simply put, this is how it should be down – I am blown away by this trailer and certainly hope to see many more like it in the future.

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