Jurassic Smashup

Alright! lets do this one already.  First teaser for the upcoming fourth film in Spielberg’s resurrection machine, and it fits into the modern style with ease.  Check out the trailer below and then catch the commentary after the break:

First, I think we can all acknowledge that this trailer succeeds in getting us excited.  It shows a very respectful modernizing of the classic dino-flick that I, for one, cannot wait to see.

Breaking it down, let’s look at “Trailer One”.  Yes, this is yet another trailer getting the mashup treatment – a run-on three minute extravaganza that dilutes its direction.  Which is tragic because the first minute is spectacular!  The music swells wonderfully, the reveal of the park is great; everything is teased beautifully without going overboard.  I couldn’t have more love for that first minute. 🙂

At 1:03, things take a turn.  The music abruptly cuts as we get our taste of the feeding sequence.  This is interesting, as it breaks up the tone rather unfortunately but it also acts as a sharp reminder of the dangers in store for Park patrons. It could have been worked in more smoothly with a softer transition, but at least it fits in with the overall tone the trailer is building.

Thus ends “Trailer One” and begins “Trailer Two”.  Whereas the first trailer is beautifully subtle, pairing good reveals with an honest bit of teasing, this second trailer was created as the modern “explain everything” portion.  Bluntly laying out the plot and focusing on the popular action hero casting, it cuts to black between all but two shots.  Its structure is straight out of the Avengers 2 fashion, artificially instilling tension rather than letting the film speak for itself.

AND speaking of the Avengers trailer, I’m copyrighting the term “Slowed Down / Set in minor key / Creepified” [or SSC] to describe trailer music.   I do like how minimal they go with it, but its still an obnoxious way of trying to jam suspense into a film’s trailer.  Make it stop.  Please.

Finally, at 1:51 we arrive at the Third and final “Trailer”.  As much as I like the source material, the current trend to try and recreate the original Alien trailer is growing very old.  The bwammbwamm noise, the dramatic pacing of cuts, the ratcheting up of action – these work perfectly for the Jurassic Park material but, having seen this scheme so often, it works against it.  Again, they used a structure that is getting old fast but it does provide effective teasing.  I particularly love the shot of Bryce Dallas Howard holding the flair a la Ripley, proving my judgement of its inspiration correct.

This last “Trailer” does end on a high note with a great final shot and a good musical cue over the title screen, but that does only so much to salvage the pileup of multiple parts.  Had they done either the first or last minutes on their own as a teaser trailer, I would call it nearly a masterpiece of marketing.  Instead, they slap-dashed three different trailer ideas together into a rough consortium that distracts from its content.  Luckily, the excellent film work behind it shines through its poorly cut trailer and manages to shine despite its ill-conceived medium.

Welp there you go!  This film looks like such a thrill ride and I cannot wait to see it!  I hope the marketing distills down as we get closer to release.  But until then, just remember: “if something chases you, run.” 🙂  Happy Thanksgiving!




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