From the Inside IN!

It’s finally here!!!  Our first real look at the next Pixar project – the literal emotionally driven Inside Out.  Today we got the first teaser for the 2015 project and it is wonderfully crafted.  Check out the teaser below and then after the jump we’ll talk about what works so well about this.

Disney have tapped a vein in the American subconscious, both pulling from our collective experiences and pumping heartwarming narratives based on these universal life moments back in.  This trailer harkens back to my favorite trailer – the first Teaser for WallE – taking the viewer on a journey through the long history of touching pictures put out by the 3D animation giant.  However, the true brilliance here is how well this nostalgia trip is integrated into a marketing narrative, introducing us to this next project and creating cognitive connections to the joys experienced in their previous work with the promise of similar emotional payoffs here.  By doing so, Disney•Pixar show off what they do best – reminding us of the childhood wonders they have provided and promising to bring it all back even as we grow older.

Aside from the marvelous plotting of the teaser, I love the use of Color!  From the outset, they begin planting the aesthetic seeds of the film’s design.  I love the nothing-like-subtle coloring of the texts, and the payoff they have in the characters at the end.

Mainly, though, what I love about this trailer is that it spends its time building on what we know and love, and then lovingly teases what we can expect in Inside Out.  Only half of the trailer is devoted to the characters, though we do get a lovely brief introduction to their personalities which perfectly piques our interest.  The plot is not mentioned, nor is the setting beyond the zoom in on the girl’s head.  It gives us just a taste and lets our imaginations run wild.

I, for one, know exactly where I will be June 19th of 2015 – happily seated in a theater nearby preparing to enjoy this latest product from Pixar.  Their work remains strong, and this trailer does nothing but get me excited for the film.  Disney is a master of its craft and I cannot wait to see them do what they do best, even if it costs a year without a Pixar flick.


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