Hitchcock: Scary Good

This first trailer for Anthony Hopkin’s new film Hitchcock just hit the web and I am really excited to break it down for you briefly her on Art of the Trailer:

First let me say that I really like this trailer.  I felt that it gave me a lot of what the film will be (I had no idea it was about the making of Psycho), and I didn’t feel spoiled by it.  2:37 is an excellent timespan for a trailer like this and it gave me exactly enough to be intrigued by the coming project.

Now let me turn to a couple of quick “textual” analyzes of the trailer itself.  I noticed immediately that this trailer was taking a very different approach to the Bio-pic genre than the recently release teaser for Lincoln did.  Much of this trailer features the title character himself, whereas the one for the past President chose to be more subdued in revealing Daniel Day-Lewis’s sure to be spectacular performance.  I think it right to say that Lincoln, both movie and character, got a proper teaser.  Hitchcock‘s debut chooses a different route by highlight the wonderfully accurate performance given by Hopkins.  Niether is wrong, nor do I think either is better; each works individually for the piece it reflects and because of those choices I eagerly anticipate both films.

Second, I really enjoyed seeing that the film will not be solely about its title character.  The trailer properly exposes both the wife (Helen Mirren) and leading lady Janet Leigh (Scarlett Johanson).  I thought the editor of the trailer did a great job of highlighting the importance of both of these characters so as to remind us that this will not be a one-man show.

Finally, and perhaps most personally, I nearly leapt out of my chair when I heard Woodkid’s song “Iron” playing as the background.  Playing from 1:49 – 2:22, it is very well used here without the lyrics to add that building tension and ramp needed to get the audience really jazzed for the film itself.  You might remember that song being featured in another one of my favorite trailers from last year:  the Assassin’s Creed: Revelations E3 reveal trailer.  I guess I am just a sucker for Woodkid. 🙂

Overall, top marks to this trailer.  It does not go for the unique or mindblowing; it just sells me the story and the characters in a fun, traditional way.  If you are going to do a “standard” trailer, this is the proper way to do so.


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