How NOT to do it (Unless you are Deadpool)

The only redeeming quality about this trailer is the Cloud Atlas joke at the end.  Seriously.  It is a poor shamble of clingy and indulgent internet humors trying to sell the latest cookie-cutter dumpling of a “Martial Arts” film.  It is irreverent, atonal, and sadly unfunny.  If you want to see how this style DOES work, check out the trailer below [content warning]:

Now THAT is how you do it!  For those of you unfamiliar, Deadpool is a comic book hero who is know for silly humor, very absurdist motifs, and for constantly breaking the fourth wall.  Seeing a character built on these principles get a trailer which extols them delivers the necessary hype.  Contrarily, the former degrades both the genre and the culture of martial arts and cheapens them in such blunt fashion that I would never expected from the Hollywood “hip”-sters.

Simply put, don’t try to sell me a kick-a kung fu movie with internet jokes.  Period.


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