Golden Trailer Award Predictions

Yes, they do in fact have awards for that!  The Golden Trailer Awards are the Oscars for film marketing and the top prize is highly sought after.  Previous winners include: Inception, Social Network, Starcraft II.  I know most people won’t even notice it’s passing, but the 13th Annual Golden Trailer Awards will be announced on May 31st.

Much like I did for the Oscars on my other blog, I will be listing all of the Nominations below for each of the big 16 awards (there are nearly a hundred technical awards which I won’t be going through).  Each nominee will be linked to youtube so you can see each one and my predicted winner will be the video posted underneath.  When the awards are given out, I will be highlighting each winner in red text so you can compare how I did.

So without further delay – My Predictions for the 2012 Golden Trailer Awards!

Best Action Nominees:  Miss

Best Animation/Family Nominees:  Correct

Best Comedy Nominees:  Correct

Best Documentary Nominees:  Miss

Best Drama Nominees:  Correct

Best Horror Nominees:  Miss

Best Independent Nominees:  Miss

Best Music Nominees:  Miss

Best Romance Nominees:  Correct

Best Thriller Nominees:  Miss

Best Video Game Trailer Nominees:  Correct

The Don LaFontaine Award for Best Voice Over Nominees:  Miss

Golden Fleece Nominees:  Miss
(best trailer for a terrible movie)

Most Original Trailer Nominees:  Miss

Summer 2012 Blockbuster Trailer Nominees:  Correct

Trashiest Trailer Nominees:  Miss
(be warned these have questionable content)

Well there you have it folks!  Be sure to check back on June 1st to see who won!  Let me know who you think will win each award and what you think of my picks!  Until next time, thanks for tuning in to the Art of the Trailer!


Well if I have learned one thing, it is that the Golden Trailer people and I don’t see eye to eye on everything.  I went  6 for 16 in the end which is not at all how I expected to do.

The main challenge I had in making my picks was trying to find the balance of the quality of the trailer itself versus the film behind it.  For example, I thought that the trailer for Apollo 18 was not all that bad.  I have mentioned my issues with the marketing of John Carter on this blog before and so when I saw that trailer was on the list it was a no-brainer.  However, there clearly was some amount of brain involved because somebody thought it was better than Apollo’s so I guess I must concede that.

I am really sad to see that “Pig with the Froggy Tattoo” didn’t win anything, and not just because it made me wrong on several picks.  I genuinely thought it was one of the funniest and best made trailers of this past year and I know that it certainly built the hype of the Muppet film for me.  However, when I picked it for most original trailer, I knew that it was likely to fail simply because it was a parody of another trailer (which I did correctly predict) so again, I can see where I went wrong there.

I can’t believe that Snow White and the Huntsman took Best Action Trailer.  It isn’t as intense as some of the others and it doesn’t sell itself as an action film.  More action-y than Mirror Mirror perhaps but not as much as GIJoe: Retribution.

Well it was fun, I learned a lot and I can’t wait until next year to see if I can’t pass the 50% mark on my 2013 Golden Trailer Award Predictions!

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