Elation in 2 minutes 19 seconds

This is how a trailer should be done!  Check out this brand new trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES:

What this trailer gets right is pacing and poignancy.  For class, I just wrote a paper about why the marketing for Disney’s epic flop John Carter failed — people don’t know who John Carter is (I plan to publish this here soon).  That problem is completely absent here.  Note that not once are the words “Batman”, “Catwoman”, or “Bane” used in the trailer.  It is because we know exactly what this is.  All the marketers have to do is show a silhouetted Bat-symbol for 10,000 screaming fans (and myself) to come running.  The trailer plays off that fan-base knowledge and excitement beautifully, showing us everything we need to see, touching briefly on each and every character, and then ending with a twist and a bang.

The subtle tension of silence surrounded by chaos was a magnificent choice. Just like the first trailer, the stakes are instantly set high and my attention is devoted to catching any glimpse of exactly how awesome this movie is going to be.  Also, the pacing was spectacular!   It feels like a horror film, painstakingly long while the tension is impossibly high.  Check out the shot about halfway through where the bridge falls.  That shot seems to take forever and you sit there wondering what is going to happen and then BAM!  Bridge is down and you are on the edge of your seat riveted for the next minute of the trailer.  Marvelous job by the marketing team and I think it safe to say that this is where the bar is set for the next generation of Movie Marketing.

One final note:  it seems that they have “fixed’ Bane’s voice.  While I miss some of the gravelly evil his old voice had, I do like that understanding him the first time was a cinch.  Ultimately, I think they made the right call in altering his voice to give audiences a break from Christian Bale’s growl and Gary Oldman’s death rattle.

I said it before and I say it again now – this is what movie marketing is all about.  Out less than 24 hours, the internet has exploded in buzz about this ridiculously amazing new trailer.  And the film doesn’t come out until JULY!!!  Well, until the 19th when I will be huddled outside an IMAX theatre waiting the last few hours for the cinematic world to end, at least I can play this trailer over and over again and think about how much Ritalin to avoid a heart attack at the premiere. 🙂



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