Call of….Black Oop….wait, what?

Check out this just released trailer for the sequel to Treyarch’s mega-hit, Call of Duty: Black Ops II:

This really came out of nowhere and I was surprised to see a first trailer for this in my Facebook feed.  Seeing that the release date is set for November 13 of this year, it makes sense that they should start marketing it now.  Perhaps I am not as up with the gaming world as I used to be, but I hadn’t heard anything solid about this title’s release so seeing that it will be out before the Apocalypse was quite a shock.

The trailer itself is pretty good, albeit lengthy.  First and foremost, the introduction is spectacular.  The tiny identifier tag at the bottom with the date filling in slowly does a perfect job of lulling me into thinking it is common intro and then throwing me for a loop with the 2025 time stamp.  Instantly, I was intrigued enough to watch the rest of the trailer.

I like the narration by old Frank Woods and I think they did a great job of revealing the new directions they are taking this sequel in.  Now, I don’t know if this future soldier, Metal Gear Solid vision is the best way to go for the franchise as that is where most of Treyarch’s competitors are headed (Modern Warfare, Ghost Recon, other name-drops).  However, I think there is one thing that we all can agree on:  The dubstep is freaking SICK!!!

Overall, I’d say that they are off to a good start with this trailer.  I know I am interested in seeing where this marketing campaign goes and how that affects perception of the game itself.  At least for now I can say that they have my attention and we will see what they will do with it.  Besides, it has been a bit long since I had COD for dinner.

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