Chronicles of Puberty

That’s right! An Art of the Trailer out on time! No, don’t re-adjust your television box. Just sit back and enjoy this brief review of the upcoming feature from Adam Schroeder Productions and Davis Entertainment: Chronicle

This trailer kinda came out of nowhere.  I don’t know that Chronicle was out in the market or that many people were very aware of it before this trailer came out.  All that to say this: the entire reputation of this film rides on this singular trailer right now.  That is a lot of pressure for it, but I think it sets itself up pretty well.

Basically this thing looks like some weird cross-bread of Xmen and Superman meets Cloverfield and The Blair Witch Project.  I loved the play-and-playback style of the teaser.  It creates a great atmosphere of leaving the best stuff for last and also makes for a great turn at the climax of the action towards the end.  The styling and pace of the trailer are really good, building to a great point and then backtracking to give us something else to wonder about.  Ending on a mystery is always good in my book.  Oh, and ending on silence is another beautiful style choice.

My only issue with this is that their is an odd style shift at 1:29.  We go from a “found footage”-esque nature to something that more closely resembles the superhero movies we are so accustomed too.  It goes from Paranormal Activity to Spiderman in half a second, which makes me wonder if the filmmakers know what kind of movie they are making.

Despite this, overall I feel that the trailer did a really good job of selling an unknown to a wide audience and, though it looks a bit gimmicky, I feel that I will be going to see this whenever it gets released.  They made a good trailer for what looks to be a decently interesting film.

Overall Rating:  4//5

Welp there you go!  Hope you enjoyed this brief review of Chronicle‘s first trailer.  I look forward to hearing more about it in the coming months.  Next week I will finally be getting around to a trailer that really intrigued me.  It mixes old world story with modern storytelling technique and it looks to be a very interesting modernization of a lesser known classic.  So join me next Friday when I review the trailer for Coriolanus – Ralph Fienne’s version of Shakespeare.  Leave you comments down below and I will see y’all next week!

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