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I came cross this during the week and thought it was really awesome., the leader in you guessed it – Video Game Trailers and News – just wrapped up its breakdown of the Top 100 Video Game Trailers of all time.  I think they did a really great job of being objective and fair, and in my opinion they did pick the best (though maybe not in the same order as I feel it should be).  Check out their list and see what great commentary they have on why they picked what they did:

Top 100 VG Trailers of All Time

Because has the worst video player in the history of the world, I have posted a list of links below for the Top Ten Trailers – from 10 to 1:

Welp!  There you go!  I really look forward to watching all of the trailers on the list.  Thus far this is the most comprehensive listing of Video Game trailers I have come across so please check it out, let me know what you think in the comments below (did they get it right?) and be ready for a great trailer this coming Friday!

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