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This week the Art of the Trailer returns with a vengeance!  And the recent teaser for the Hunger Games film.  There is a lot of hype around this book/movie franchise and I was rather excited to see that they are off and running with their marketing campaign.  Check out the trailer below and then keep scrolling for my analysis:

To begin, I need to state that I come from the perspective of not having read the books.  I have several friends and family members who have and all claim it to be an excellent story (though perhaps a bit rough to digest) and I do plan on reading them someday.  However I come at this from the perspective of the everyman – the individual NOT in the know and that will shape my analysis of this teaser.

Basically, I would call it decent.  By the end of the trailer I am intrigued enough to want to see more; however part of that feeling comes from the fact that there is nothing really there.  It has some really great moments and some ones that leave me wondering “why?”.  So with that said, let’s break it down a bit.

First and foremost, I liked the score.  It is driving and conveys several emotions simultaneously.  It gives the vibe of adventure almost like the Lord of the Rings.  You can also feel the cerebral nature of the content there, the inner struggles of the major figures (think Explosions in the Sky).  It has a great pace and it punctuates the transitions beautifully….that is until 0:24.  They put in this awkward build up that breaks up their flow and while it is pretty Kick-A, it jumbles up what was a very good start to a trailer. Overall though it is an excellent soundtrack for the trailer because of it’s driving melodies and intensity.

I like the Lost-esque start. It engages you, making you question “where am I?” and it acts perfectly as the draw you need at the start of a good trailer.  They do a good job of setting up the Pull-in and then filling it with our first glimpses of the protagonist.  We know enough about her to see that she is hunting (or being hunted) and we immediately identify her as our hero.

The voice-over seems to be a good choice.  I like that the first word we hear is her name – Kate – and then we get a bit of explanation as to what is going on.  Whoever performed that monologue did it very well, keeping it very soft and enticing, and it gives us enough without being too much.  His words reassure her but plant curiosity in us.

Finally, I really like the very ending of the trailer with Kate hopping the log, nocking the arrow and firing it onto the logo and title card.  Whoever did the After Effects there ROCKS!!! That sequence is so intense and fun to watch, as well as gives a perfect transition from footage to title.  Amazing work there!

Okay….that was the good stuff.  The bad stuff is this:  We watch some chick who is running around in the woods….and the woods are spontaneously combusting…………wait, what?  Basically for people who don’t know the series and the context of why trees are bursting into flames, it just seems juvenile.  We see a giant fireball go wizzing through the air and light up a tree and we think, “Wait is this magical or is it real?” and not in a good way.  We need something more than that to understand what she is up against.  The “hidden puppeteer” scheme works very well, in that we know someone is making her do something, but what we see is far outside the realm of that which we have been shown up to that point.  Again it breaks flow and breaks my engrossment in the trailer, which is never a good thing.

Also (and really this is just stating what I said before) we really don’t see much at all.  We see a girl running around in a forest with archery gear and that’s about it.  For fans I am sure this is all they needed and even for me it seems to have satisfied my curiosity for a time.  However for typical movie goers I doubt this will be enough.  However I will grant it that this is just a teaser and there is much more marketing to come from this blockbuster franchise.

Overall I think that it does it’s job very well with only a few little hiccups along the way.  It intrigues without even touching the thought of spoiling and I am actually excited now to see what comes of this story.

Final Rating:  4.5 // 5

Welp!  That’s about it!  Hope you enjoyed my review of the Hunger Games teaser.  It feels really good to be blogging again, and I hope to keep to the original Friday post schedule over the next few months.  Please feel free to comment below and tell me what you think about the up-coming Hunger Games movie!  Also, if you have any suggestions for trailers to review next PLEASE share them!!!  I love critiquing trailers and I have a few more in mind but I would love to get to some of your requests. Just leave them in the comments below and I promise to get to them very soon.  Next week I think I will try to tackle what I am willing to call the “most convoluted story universe I have ever encountered”.  You’ll just have to check back next Friday to find out what it is 🙂  Have a great week and:

“May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor”

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