The Return of the Master

I just stumbled across this post on about a new Francis Ford Coppola film in the upcoming tiff Film Festival in Toronto.  Really interested to see how this story develops.  Let me know what you think of the trailer in the comments below.  Thanks and enjoy TWIXT!

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3 responses to “The Return of the Master

  • Logstorm!

    This isn’t really a return to filmmaking for Coppola. He’s been coming out with new movies for a while now, they’ve just been a) released in a very limited capacity, b) not been terribly good, or c) both. As for the story of this one, it’s going to be impossible to tell what it’s going to turn out to be since Coppola is planning on taking it on a roadshow and re-editing it based on what that particular audience is responding to. Who knows how that will turn out. Certainly an interesting experiment, but whether it will actually result in a good movie, only time will tell.

    • soontobeangel

      I just thought it was interesting because it was so modern. It clearly has a very new-age, HD look and it feels like an indie – nigh on artistic – film. Just nothing like anything I have ever seen from him before.

  • Logstorm!

    Yeah, he’s gone waaaaay artsy and modern in these later years. Especially his last two movies, Youth Without Youth and Tetro. They’re basically independent artsy foreign films. I think it’s what he’s always wanted to do, but studios always held him back. Now he’s completely independent of the studio system, he just does whatever he feels like doing.

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