Getting Started!

Hello World!
Whether you are joining me from my soontobeangel blog or are a new viewer, welcome to my new series!

This blog will be the official site for The Art of the Trailer, a weekly analysis of trailers and teasers for both movies and video games.  I will be exploring what makes them work, what makes them good and how they impact the average consumer.  This is a huge passion of mine and I look forward to sharing this joy with you.

The format of this series is still under construction but I can say that, as of now, the plan is for one post every Friday around 4pm Pacific Time (7pm Eastern).  I will be reviewing both recent and old trailers, both movies and video games, and commenting on them.  I will break them down beat by beat to see what makes them tick and tick well or poorly.  Also, I am checking into the possibility of including a video blog with this, but that is still a ways away.

So there you are! I plan to start this Friday with a breakdown of the most recent “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2” trailer, examine how being a sequel effects the trailer, and a surprise bonus trailer analysis you’ll just have to be there to see. Check out my reviews and ramblings at soontobeangel, and please comment below and subscribe!


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